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Reducing the cost of seabed characterization

Progress meeting continued

Continuation of progress meetings

Bastien Taormina, PhD student at France Energies Marines  and Ifremer, in front of his experimentation set‐ up

Is lobster sensitive to the electromagnetic field of underwater power cables?

First expert work in the framework of COME3T project

Three submitted themes, restitution in few months

Online survey

Participating in user needs consultation

About us

About us

France Energies Marines in short

France Energies Marines is the French reference institute for research on offshore renewable energies.

Mission and activities

France Energies Marines' mission and activities are supporting a long-term vision.

A public/private partnership

France Energies Marines is built around a broad public/private partnership that brings together all the players in the offshore renewable energies sector.

Our team

Multidisciplinary and made up of 35 collaborators, our team is truly our wealth.


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