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France Energies Marines joins the international programme called Annex IV

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Innovative work and promising results

APPEAL - Mediterranean campaigns

Two campaigns in Occitania to study in an integrated way the impact of floating wind farms

Example of colonization by benthic species of a sumarine cable - BREBENT Project, FEM-IFREMER

To study in an integrated way the impact of floating wind farms.

MISTRAL sea test site: Informational meeting

Informational meeting at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône city on September 14th.

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Our missions

France holds huge natural potential for Marine Renewable Energies or MRE, in both metropolitan and overseas territories. The sources include offshore wind, swell and waves, tidal currents, temperature gradients between the surface and deep water. Within the mix of renewable energy sources available on mainland and island shores, local and abundant MREs can be harnessed and utilized. This potential is backed up by a sound industrial and scientific maritime and energy sector base, which doubles the stakes. Indeed, the attraction of the European market, the largest in the world for this field, enables a supply chain that creates jobs and can take the lead in a global market to come into being.

France Energies Marines aims to boost French competitiveness in the marine renewable energies industry, by providing its support to the sectors of fixed-bottom and floating offshore wind turbines, marine current turbines, wave power and ocean thermal energy conversion.
The remit of France Energies Marines is to carry out highly applied research and development and to set up test sites designed to validate the technologies. France Energies Marines will deploy and then coordinate these sites, bearing in mind that the organization was founded on the partnership-based drive initiated around projects for demonstrators at sea of various devices or systems to recover energy.

France Energies Marines provides tangible support for the MRE value chain by pooling of studies, protocols, software tools, drawing up of standards, foresight studies to identify how the market is evolving, technical obstacles, criteria for environmental integration and compatibility of uses.

France Energies Marines consolidates the level of excellence in MRE research through the synergy of a public-private, multidisciplinary structure based on renowned academic and scientific sectors (oceanography, naval engineering, etc.) and the lead positions held by industrial firms in the key skill sets (offshore engineering, energy production, etc.). The public-private partnership has been further promoted by the "Institute of Excellence in Carbon-free Energy" label awarded to it. This means that over a 10-year period, with an operational budget of €130m, it will receive co-financing to the amount of €34m through "Investments for the Future". The public-private synergy is seen through both pooled funding and by the teams created by making staff from any partner available on secondment.

France Energies Marines determines the needs for initial and further training and will disseminate educational tools to fulfil requirements for the job creation perspectives generated by the sector. It will be an excellent source of technical, scientific and regulatory information on behalf of the supply chain and will inform the general public about the knowledge acquired and progress made.