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Bastien Taormina, PhD student at France Energies Marines  and Ifremer, in front of his experimentation set‐ up

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APPEAL project


Two campaigns in Occitania to study in an integrated way the impact of floating wind farms

Two campaigns at sea took place from 2 to 8 April and from 2 to 7 September 2018 as part of the APPEAL research project, coordinated by France Energies Marines and scientifically led by the University of Western Brittany. These campaigns were conducted off Leucate - Le Barcarès, on the site of the future pilot farm of the Floating Wind Turbines of the Gulf of Lion, by the Laboratory of Eco-geochemistry of Benthic Environments (LECOB) of the Banyuls Oceanological Observatory. On the agenda: collection and observation of the fauna of the seabed of the area over 2 different seasons.

APPEAL, which brings together 17 academic and private partners, including ENGIE Green and RTE, is supported by the Gulf of Lions Marine Natural Park. Through an integrated approach, field results combined with numerical modelling will strengthen the assessment of the effects of floating wind farms on the functioning of coastal ecosystems. The objective: to put these effects into perspective in a global context of climate change and the presence of various anthropogenic activities in order to ultimately propose tools to support the integration of these parks at sea.