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Thematic and scientific workshop in Caen on 14 June.


Reducing the cost of seabed characterization

Campagne en mer APPEAL

2nd year of monitoring at sea at the Groix et Belle-Île site to study their impact in an integrated manner

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Opening of an office in Marseille

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Continuation of progress meetings

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MISTRAL test site


Deployment of a wave buoy

On 3 December, a wave buoy was deployed by the Provence vessel, managed by the Phares & Balises, on the MISTRAL sea testsite located in the Golfe de Fos. This equipment will provide accurate data on sea conditions in this area representative of the Mediterranean environment.
These data are accessible to all interested parties. These data will also be used by France Energies Marines as part of new R&D projects to study the interactions between sea conditions and the responses of critical components (anchorage systems, cables, etc.) or between these conditions and the development of biocolonisation.
Carried out as part of an environmental observatory project led by France Energies Marines, these experiments aim to develop the protocols and monitoring methods necessary for the design, deployment and operation of floating wind turbines.
The real-time data (hourly update: Hs spectral, Tz, direction at peak and water temperature) acquired by the wave buoy which was deployed on the MISTRAL site are freely accessible on the CANDHIS web portal managed by Cerema.
The project is financially supported by the Region SUD - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and the Métropole Aix-Marseille Provence.