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3 members of our team went to the University of Rhode Island

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Intervention of France Energies Marines within the framework of a master's degree from Aix-Marseille University

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Two members of the France Energies Marines team visited Chile from 17 to 20 December

Déploiement d'un houlographe sur MISTRAL

Deployment of a wave buoy

COME3T: first expert work

COME3T: first expert work

Three submitted themes, restitution scheduled for next March

France Energies Marines recently launched a new project called COME3T, which it finances on its own because it is convinced of its relevance. What is the purpose of this project? Identify and analyse the environmental and socio-economic issues related to the establishment of marine renewable energy (MRE) parks in France. COME3T, a real reference body that can be consulted by any stakeholder, will make it possible to structure future R&D work and better anticipate recourse on these subjects.
The project integrates two committees into its operation. The first, the steering committee, defines the themes to be studied. It is made up of 10 industrial, academic and institutional partners. The second, the committee of neutral and independent experts, classifies the themes given by the steering committee and transmits recommendations
After a phase of constitution, the committee of experts received its first requests.

  • Theme Oceanic risks: Can offshore wind farms be responsible of tsunamis and rogue wave generation?
  • Theme Birds: Which lessons on risks linked to birds and offshore windfarm can be learned from Northern Europe feedback and be applied for the French project ?
  • Theme Habitats: Can addition of hard substratum duringthe installation of an offshore windfarmbea riskfor colonizationof invasive  and/or opportunisticspecies?

Restitution scheduled for next March!