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Breaking waves

3 members of our team went to the University of Rhode Island

Progress meetings

Serial progress meetings

A training module dedicated to ORE

Intervention of France Energies Marines within the framework of a master's degree from Aix-Marseille University

Towards a closer partnership with Chile

Two members of the France Energies Marines team visited Chile from 17 to 20 December

Déploiement d'un houlographe sur MISTRAL

Deployment of a wave buoy

MRE farms optimisation

MRE farms optimisation

Participating in user needs consultation

In the context of the France Energies Marines’ project, VALARRAY, we are conducting an online survey about users' needs directed towards all stakeholders interested in Design & Optimisation Tools for Marine Renewable Energy Farms, with a special focus on Floating Offshore Wind farms.

The survey deals with many disciplines and questions having an influence on the LCoE, such as AEP maximisation based on layout optimisation (wake-based), inter-array electrical cabling, environmental impacts, lease area constraints... The survey can be answered anonymously and aggregated results will be available upon request.

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