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Research and Development

FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES defines and operates an ambitious and multidisciplinary R&D programme that looks at the different MRE sources and barriers with a transverse approach. This strategy, which is quite unique to FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES, intensifies the synergies between the various actors and sectors, optimising the R&D investments and accelerating the improvement of the cost and technical performances of MRE technologies. The R&D themes developed concurrently with the demonstrator assessment activity include:

  • technological innovations oriented towards the development of reliable, high-performance and competitively priced MRE technologies (description of the environment and resource assessment, energy efficiency of recuperators, development of simulation tools, foundations and moorings, reliability of materials and structures, operations at sea, system life cycles, connection to and integration in the grid, storing of energy and by-products, industrialisation of construction processes etc.; and

  • extensive knowledge and well-supported data about non-technological aspects (environmental impact, acceptability with respect to other uses, changes in regulations, economic production models for marine renewables, etc.).

FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES will also collaborate with the IRT Jules Verne on topics such as industrial processes and materials. The detailed specifications and the outcome of the validation tests conducted by FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES will guide the IRT Jules Verne activities for the development, tuning and qualification of industrial processes for the production and manufacture of materials and hybrid assemblies.