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Atelier thématique TROPHIK

Thematic and scientific workshop in Caen on 14 June.


Reducing the cost of seabed characterization

Campagne en mer APPEAL

2nd year of monitoring at sea at the Groix et Belle-Île site to study their impact in an integrated manner

Panoramic view of Marseille

Opening of an office in Marseille

Progress meeting continued

Continuation of progress meetings


Marine Energies and Existing and Emerging Uses

Project presentation

Successful development  of MRE projects within  marine areas is greatly dependent on both their interactions with existing marine activities and on  the potential impacts they may have on the environment. The EMUE project studies and models how new activities related to marine renewable energies are integrated into sensitive coastal environments and the different  uses there.
LThe project’s stakes are to improve knowledge about the mechanisms of interaction between MRE projects which are new on the scene and pre-existing human activities, giving special study to their dynamics over time and space and their interactions, particularly through  a geomatic approach. EMUE also aims to develop a generic methodology which can be used to model all the criteria to be taken into account for the integration of an MRE project with respect to other uses, in existing marine contexts and more importantly in those to come.


  • Setting up a foresight approach to study interactions between uses
  • Developing spatial-temporal and multi-criteria modelling tools


Coordination: France Energies Marines
Scientific and technical management: CNRS

EMUE project partners