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Pose plaques PVC sur la bouée du site MISTRAL pour étude du biofouling

Last August, several PVC plates were installed on the keel of two special mark buoys in the Mediterranean Sea.

Atelier thématique TROPHIK

Thematic and scientific workshop in Caen on 14 June.

Campagne en mer APPEAL

2nd year of monitoring at sea at the Groix et Belle-Île site to study their impact in an integrated manner


Reducing the cost of seabed characterization

Panoramic view of Marseille

Opening of an office in Marseille


Comittee of experts for marine renewable energies environmental issues

Duration: 1.5 year

Project description

COME3T is a national panel of experts offering recommendations on environmental and socioeconomic issues related to the development of marine renewable energies (MRE) in France.
This project aims to satisfy specific needs of the MRE sector expressed by: technology developers, engineering consultants, governments (regional and national) and scientists. The committee will provide impartial scientific expertise in the form of methodological guides, reviews and recommendations.
The project steering committee is composed of individuals from: industrial groups, engineering firms, universities and regional governments. The committee will work toward: ranking potential problems and priority themes for R&D, selecting the most pertinent questions and transferring them to the experts, and requesting expert opinions from the panel via France Energies Marines.
Depending on the issues, the panel of experts will rank the themes according to 3 pre-defined categories, write the necessary reports, request technical forms from France Energies Marines and, finally, issue an expert recommendation to France Energies Marines.
The categories used to classify the themes are as follows:

  • No issue => scientific reasoning
  • Identified issue and sufficient knowledge => scientific references and methodological guides
  • Potential issue and insufficient knowledge => identify studies to undertake

COME3T will provide an accessible reference body providing expert advice and arbitration when necessary. The project will have a major impact in environmental and socioeconomic evaluations of MRE projects. Finally, COME3T will structure the results of future design projects in terms of environmental and socioeconomic concerns. The project will support the entire MRE sector by identifying, ranking and monitoring environmental issues.

Operating of COME3T committees


  • Identify the real environmental and socio-economic issues for MRE projects
  • Develop tools and methodologies aiming to measure, qualify, analyze and prevent the environmental and socio-economic impacts that will have been identified


Coordination: France Energies Marines
Scientific and technical management: France Energies Marines

  COME3T project partners

This project is 100% financed by France Energies Marines.


31/10/2018 - Three submitted themes, restitution in few months

Theme Birds

Theme Habitats

Theme Oceanic risks