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France Energies Marines joins the international programme called Annex IV

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Innovative work and promising results

APPEAL - Mediterranean campaigns

Two campaigns in Occitania to study in an integrated way the impact of floating wind farms

Example of colonization by benthic species of a sumarine cable - BREBENT Project, FEM-IFREMER

To study in an integrated way the impact of floating wind farms.

MISTRAL sea test site: Informational meeting

Informational meeting at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône city on September 14th.


Development of an innovative geolocation tag for seabirds

Duration: 3 years

Project description

Based on recognized experts and leading-edge technologies, the GEOBIRD project aims to develop and produce a miniaturized and communicating intelligent geolocation tag (bio-logger) integrating physiological and environmental data loggers that could be mobilized for the monitoring of sensitive, mediumsized avifauna.
The technological development resulting from the Geobird project will contribute to the improvement of knowledge concerning the spatial ecology of seabirds and their interactions with marine renewable energies (MRE) projects (risk of aerial and underwater collision, avoidance, attraction, cumulative effects), allowing greater societal acceptance of these projects. Carried out in the deployment zones for fixed and floating wind farms, the test phase will allow for the collection of the first concrete results immediately exploitable within the French MRE sector.


  • To design and realization of a miniature geolocation tag for the monitoring of mediumsized avifauna (puffins, small laridae, diving species, etc.).
  • To improve knowledge of avifauna in order to support environmental studies, authorizations and the MRE sector as a whole.


Coordination: France Energies Marines
Scientific and technical management: France Energies Marines

GEOBIRD project partners

This work received state support managed by the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future Program (ANR-10-IEED-0006-15). It is one of the winners of the 2016 "Renewable Marine Energies" call for projects launched as part of the "Institutes for Energy Transition" action of the Future Investment Programme.
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