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Dimensioning and met ocean: modeling and observations of extreme sea states for marine renewable energies

Project description

DIME aims to improve the characterization of extreme sea states in order to reduce uncertainties in the calculation of induced loads. These uncertainties, in particular when taking into account breaking waves, affect the safety coefficients which determine the size of  marine renewable energies (MRE) systems.
By solving this challenge, DIME will allow engineers to dimension MRE converters and their peripherals as close to reality as possible. Progress will be made in the modeling of spectral and deterministic waves for the parameterization of extreme sea state surges. A large data set (PROTEVS) collected in coastal and nearshore zones during the winter of 2013-14, a period marked by a succession of storms remarkable for their intensity, will be exploited to complete the validation.
Deterministic simulations will be used to capture the nonlinearity and precise kinematics (i.e. loads) of extreme sea states in the zone of breaking waves. The role of interactions between wind and waves in storm and cyclonic conditions will be explored through the implementation of a model coupling the ocean and the atmosphere. These studies will be supplemented by wave flume trials. The benefits of DIME will impact all MRE technologies.


  • Improve the characterization of extreme (breaking) sea states for MRE systems.
  • Contribute to standardizing the dimensioning of MRE systems.


DIME project partners

This work received state support managed by the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future program (ANR-10-IEED-0006-14).
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