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Projects in progress: DTOCEANPLUS, MEMOFLOW 1.0, STHYF

Completed projects: DTOCEAN, VALARRAY

Array architecture and network integration

This program aims to develop tools and methodologies that optimize the deployment of ORE farms and their integration into the electricity grid from a technical-economic point of view.

The main issues concern the optimisation of the overall park performance, the development of design standards and integration with the main grid. The tools and methods thus developed will provide actors in the sector with the means to optimize global costs according to the most relevant criteria. The elements to be taken into account include: the risks of failure, potential contributions from mutualized solutions, the maintenance of MRE systems all along the chain, from individual machines to the connection to the terrestrial electrical network.

Array architecture

  • Optimised arrangement of machines within the park
  • Optimised arrangement of mooring and cable lay-out
  • Anchors and shared connections

Network integration

  • Optimisation of connector, hub and sub-station design
  • Network impacts of evolving machine and farm dimensions and remoteness of installations
  • Tools for optimising electricity network architecture
  • Storage, production smoothing and participation in network services