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SEM-REV is an experimentation site for the Ecole Centrale Nantes engineering school. It has all the facilities on land and sea needed to develop and perfect, under operational conditions, systems to harness marine energy (primarily waves and offshore wind). This facility is essential for developing a new industrial value chain in France. The test site is operated by the LHEAA (CNRS) laboratory, with a dedicated team based at Le Croisic. SEM-REV is one of the MRE test sites coordinated by France Energies Marines.

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The main asset of the SEM-REV test site at sea lies in its capability to accommodate various technologies for generation, transformation or even storage of energy.  This includes wave energy, as initially planned, and floating offshore wind energy, amongst others. It was deliberately designed to provide a very broad scope of use, compared to a dedicated pilot site for a specific industrial project, and to be a long-term facility. Several prototypes can be jointly tested, while sharing infrastructure and the investment and operating costs.


SEM-REV also provides the opportunity to better understand the marine environment and make energy production system equipment and facilities more reliable, through dedicated scientific research programmes on:


  •  Oceanography, impact of systems on marine life
  •  Material performance: resistance, reliability, bio-fouling, degradation
  •  Assistance in defining Rules for Certification and procedures for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair.


In this regard, SEM-REV naturally plays a complementary role in the expertise and numerical and experimental means of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes laboratories, already well known internationally in the field of marine engineering and MREs. More broadly speaking, it is also part of the framework of test sites and Research and Development activities of France Energies Marines, whose members include the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and CNRS.

The site

Sources of funding

A diamond-shaped surface area of 1km² whose four angles are at the following coordinates (WGS 84):

  • Point 1 : 002°46,88' W - 47°13,94' N
  • Point 2 : 002°47,38' W - 47°14,34' N
  • Point 3 : 002°46,58' W - 47°14,70' N
  • Point 4 : 002°46,08' W - 47°14,34' N

Shipping and sailing prohibited  by order PREMAR N° 2011/48

DPM concession: by order ARRETE PREFECTORAL  N° 2010/BPUP/064

4 berths for a total maximum power of 8 MW

Water depth: 35m zero chart datum

Metocean: 3 wave recorders, 2 ADCP and 2 weather buoys

Mean annual wave energy resources: 12+/-2 kW/m

Mean annual wind at 10 m height: 6.5 m/s


Localisation SEM-REV

In situ monitoring has been done on the site for 3 years and measurements are already being used in research and sizing studies for future prototypes. 25km of 20kV cable linking the site to the ERDF grid have been laid and the onshore research base has been operational since January 2012. The first industrial prototype is slated for mid-2013.

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