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New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

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Biofouling and engineering


New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

Two new field missions have just been carried out as part of the ABIOP+ project, which focuses on taking biofouling into account by means of quantification protocols useful for the engineering of ORE and floating wind turbines in particular.
In November, dives were carried out at two Mediterranean sites: the 5th in Leucate and the 19th in front of Cap Couronne, on the edge of the Côte Bleue Marine Park. The objective? Collect two of the six PVC plates installed 3 ½ months ago on the keel of buoys and install new ones.
Several studies were then carried out on the plates thus collected:

  • Pictures of colonizsed supports;
  • Measurement of biomass, biovolume and colonisation thickness;
  • Sampling for the characterisation of communities present by metagenomics;
  • Preservation in alcohol for later taxonomic study.

The results obtained will make it possible to quantify the interplate and inter-site variability of biofouling. Regular dives at these same two sites are planned over the next 3 years to also study temporal variability.