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France Energies Marines rejoint le programme international WREN

France Energies Marines joins the international WREN programme

Rapport annuel 2019 IEA-OES

Global wave and tidal stream energy production surges tenfold over last decade

New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

Felipe Lucero

Hosting a Chilean MERIC researcher

3e campagne hivernale de mesures

Launch of the 3rd winter measurement campaign

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Mediterranean area


Opening of an office in Marseille

It is officially on April 15th that we opened our Mediterranean office. It will boost France Energies Marines' action in the area by partnering with key players such as Centrale Marseille and the Pôle Mer Méditerranée.
The MISTRAL sea trial site that we operate will thus be managed and developed by a dedicated and on-site engineer. As a reminder, this site is the only one authorized to support the development of floating offshore wind turbines in the Mediterranean. The concession, valid until 2026, is renewable for 8 years.