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New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

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DUNES R&D project

DUNES R&D project: information meeting in Dunkirk on 15 October


Turbulence characterization for tidal turbine design

Duration: 1.5 year

Project description

The sites currently being considered for the exploitation of tidal current energy using tidal turbines are generally areas of limited depth (30 m to 50 m) characterized by high intensity currents. At such sites, the flow in the water slice is most often turbulent due to variations in bathymetry, bottom roughness and other kinematic and dynamic phenomena related in particular to the interaction with the swell. This flow turbulence is relatively unknown, particularly at metric and decametric scales that can alter the response of machines, both in terms of production and structural fatigue.
The approach envisaged to achieve this objective is based on the following areas of study:

  •     State of the art and evaluation of existing measurement systems and their ability to provide appropriate information,
  •     Definition and validation of operational procedures and protocols for acquiring relevant data sets,
  •     Development and validation of the analytical methods and tools necessary for the use of these data sets (parameters adapted to design studies),
  •     Data exploitation and characterization of turbulent phenomena within high intensity flows


  • Developing and finalizeing the tools and procedures necessary to create relevant databases.
  • Analyzing these databases to acquire new knowledge on turbulent phenomena within high intensity flows that can be used by engineering companies for their design studies.


Project manager: Ifremer

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