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Wind characterization for marine renewable energies applications

Duration: 3 years

Project description

CARAVELE aims to improve the characterization of wind in order to reduce uncertainties in the resource assessment and design of wind turbines. Wind characterization still suffers from uncertainties in the spatial description of associated fine-scale wind structures, e.g. orographic effects. In the meantime, the definition of the shape of the vertical wind profile still relies on theories developed from land-based observations. To remove these barriers, CARAVELE will focus on the joint exploitation of modelled wind fields together with in situ and satellite observations.
Progress is expected in the definition of the vertical wind profile, taking into account the complex air-sea interactions at the boundary between atmosphere and ocean.
Extreme wind characterization will be focused on by exploiting Synthetic Aperture Radar data and investigations of air-sea interactions in extreme events through a collaboration with the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) of Miami. Strong efforts will be concentrated on the extraction of the most accurate information from a combination of atmospheric models combined with observations using optimized observational networks.
The benefits of CARAVELE will directly impact the offshore wind industry, but will also influence the full scope of marine renewable energies (MRE) technologies.


  • Improve the space-time characterization of wind fields for the offshore wind industry.
  • Improve the description of vertical wind variations.
  • Improve the characterization of extreme winds for the design of MRE systems.


Coordination: France Energies Marines
Scientific and technical management: Ifremer

CARAVELE project partners
This work benefited from France Energies Marines and State financing managed by the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future program (ANR-10-IEED-0006-26). It is one of the winners of the 2017 "Renewable Marine Energies" call for projects launched as part of the "Institutes for Energy Transition" action of the Future Investment Programme.

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11/02/2019 - 3 members of our team went to the University of Rhode Island

29/01/2019 - Serial progress meetings