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Submarine Power Cables Interactions with Environment & associated Surveys

Duration: 3 years

Project description

The objective of the SPECIES project is to improve knowledge on the potential interactions between electrical connection cables for marine renewable energy (MRE) projects and benthic organisms in coastal marine ecosystems. It will address both direct impacts due to changes in electromagnetic fields and temperature and indirect impacts like "reserve" effect due to restrictions on activities in the vicinity of cables or habitat creation for commercial benthic species.
The innovative character of the SPECIES project lies in the simultaneous implementation of

  • monitoring of several existing cables (MRE projects, islandcontinent interconnections)
  • similar in situ monitoring methodologies in different ecological contexts (English Channel and Atlantic)
  • in situ and in vitro approaches on the same biological model.

This implementation involves the development of methodologies for measurements and monitoring and also measurement tools, including instrumentation for generating and recording electromagnetic fields in situ and in the laboratory.


Improve knowledge of the potential impacts of MRE electrical connection cables on coastal ecosystems.


Coordination: France Energies Marines
Scientific and technical management: Ifremer

SPECIES project partners


This work received state support managed by the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future Program (ANR-10-IEED-0006-17). It is one of the winners of the 2016 "Renewable Marine Energies" call for projects launched as part of the "Institutes for Energy Transition" action of the Future Investment Programme.
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09/04/2019 - Continuation of progress meetings

28/02/2019 - Is lobster sensitive to the electromagnetic field of underwater power cables?