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France Energies Marines rejoint le programme international WREN

France Energies Marines joins the international WREN programme

Rapport annuel 2019 IEA-OES

Global wave and tidal stream energy production surges tenfold over last decade

New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

New dives in the Mediterranean Sea

Felipe Lucero

Hosting a Chilean MERIC researcher

3e campagne hivernale de mesures

Launch of the 3rd winter measurement campaign

S&T Tribune>S&T Tribune 2020

S&T Tribune 2020

Fall 2020
Sery of 4 webinars

This 3rd edition of the S&T Tribune of France Energies Marines will be held for the first time in distance. Organised around the theme of integration and optimisation of ORE farms, a sery of 4 webinars will be organised in the fall of 2020. The aim of this event is to exchange on R&D issues and the results of collaborative projects conducted by the Institute, its members and partners.

Array optimisation | Which methods and tools should be chosen to achieve the optimum cost/production?
On 16 September, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CEST
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Influence of biofouling | How to secure projects against induced changes and improve maintenance?
On 28 September, from 02:30 to 04:30 CEST
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Seabed dynamics | How to reduce the costs necessary for the characterisation of the seabed and adapt structures to the specific nature of the soil?
Date and times available soon
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Environmental recommendations | Which scientific tools to take into account the challenges of a territory?
Date and times available soon
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